Friday, January 4, 2013

Buy Self Defense Combo Kit Worth Rs.1589 For Rs.1360 Only.

We always want our mother, sister, wife and friends to be safe and secure. Safety is a concern in a country like ours. Hence Self Defense Kits can help our near and dear ones to protect themselves from any untoward situation.

Self Defense Kit include: Knockout Pepper Spray, Multi Function Alarm/Pepper Spray & Wallet Alarm. These kits will be useful to protect ourselves from any situation and give our near and dear ones a great confidence to handle any situation.

Self Defence Combo is a complete solution for all your self-defense needs. It contains a Knockout Pepper Spray, Statue of Liberty, which is a multifunctional pepper spray cum alarm, and a Wallet Alarm.


Knockout Pepper Spray: It’s a powerful pepper spray formula which is effective up to 7 feet and contains a potent formulation. It is capable of knocking out the assailants for 30-45 minutes, giving you sufficient time to act.

Statue of Liberty: A pepper spray which doubles up as an alarm, the Statue of Liberty is effective up to 7 feet. It also features a flashlight that goes off along with the alarm, thus alerting people in the vicinity.

Wallet Alarm: A product designed to protect you from pickpocketing, Wallet Alarm ensures that a loud, wailing alarm is sounded whenever someone tries to pick your wallet.


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