Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Buy VLCC Gold Radiance Facial Kit Worth Rs.995 For Rs.876 Only.

VLCC Gold Facial Kit contains Gold scrub, Gold peel off mask, Gold gel and Gold cream.The VLCC Gold Facial with 24 carat pure gold, gives a natural luster and youthful radiance to the skin. It retains moisture in the skin, as well as increase skin flexibility and smoothness.

VLCC Gold Scrub:

VLCC Gold Scrub enriched with 24 carat pure Gold and Turmeric is known for its gentle exfoliating action as well as its detoxifying properties. It gives the skin radiance and porcelain like after feel, while concealing skin imperfection.

VLCC Gold Peel Off Mask:

VLCC Gold Peel Off Mask is enriched with the goodness of 24 Carat Gold and Lemon Peel Extract which exert a powerful peeling action and eliminates dead surface cells enabling underlying new cells to reach the surface. It nourishes the skin tissues and helps rebuild weakened areas by maintaining skin’s pH balance

VLCC Gold Gel:

VLCC Gold Gel enriched with 24 Carat pure Gold and Gallnut Extracts accelerate the rhythm of cell renewal. The skin shows new signs of vitality and youth.

VLCC Gold Cream:

VLCC Gold Cream enriched with Wheatgerm and Rose Petal Extract, restores the skin’s lustre and resistance. It restores the physiological balance of the skin, bringing youthfulness and radiance.

CONSTITUENTS OF THE KIT:   6 Gold Facial Master Sachets.

Each Gold Facial Master Sachet contains:
  • 1 VLCC Gold Scrub 10g.
  • 1 VLCC Gold Peel Off Mask 10g.
  • 1 VLCC Gold Gel 10g.
  • 1 VLCC Gold Cream 10g.


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